1. After I got shot nine times at close range and didn’t die, I started to think that I must have a purpose in life… How much more damage could that shell have done? Give me an inch in this direction or that one, and I’m gone.” - 50 Cent

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  2. When you state what you want then you either need to start making it happen or start making excuses why it isn’t.” - Tony Robbins

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  3. joey:

Best picture I’ve ever taken.


    Best picture I’ve ever taken.

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  4. Running on ‘E’

    So it’s hard to believe I’m saying this, but this last week has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life, that I can remember. It seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Bad business dealings, family drama, bad career choices, and bad personal decisions are just a few of the recent issues. I honestly feel like I’m running on empty. I can’t remember ever feeling this stressed in my life.

    I’m trying so hard to be positive, but it’s definitely not easy. I’m honestly considering getting a ‘REAL’ job as far away from the business world as possible or packing up my stuff and leaving the country. I’m not trying to run away from my problems but rather move on with life. Sometimes, we all just need a fresh start. Time is taking my tomorrows and turning them into yesterdays. And the one thing about time is that once it’s gone, you never get it back. It’s taken me a while to realize that no one is going to approach me and offer me exactly what I want from life. If you want something, go get it! PERIOD! On a positive note, sometimes the best results come out of the most undesirable situations. When we don’t have too much time to sit around and wonder what the best decision would be, we often make the right one. The worst decision one can make is not making any decision at all.

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  8. Why you will fail to have a great career!

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  9. So I definitely think 50 cent, along with so many others in the hip hop industry, are incredible business people. He is definitely overlooked as being a successful businessman primarily because of his past.

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  10. "Aggression has to meet aggression with aggression or else you will be deemed weak, and the weak becomes the prey. You dont have to act hard or be something your not. Just don’t take no sh*t from anyone. Stand up for yourself…." - Curtis Jackson

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